Dec 12, 2019: Snorkeling and night walk

There’s a spot to go snorkeling off the beach about half a kilometre south of Hippocampe Lodge. We had to cross two river mouths to get there which was easy enough. We snorkelled near rocks. Underwater, there was plenty of coral. Not a lot of colour, and schools of small fish (tetras, for example). The first fish I saw was a ghostly white, which did nor bode well. However the diversity soon became apparent. 

It wasn’t great snorkeling,  but it was better than not going at all. (Ah, how quickly we become oblivious to the beauty and splendor of the places we visit.)

For our night walk, we strolled down the beach. Nothing to see here. Our guide said it’s too hot for the lemurs and they are staying in the cooler trees. I certainly understand. It’s very hot. 

I forgot to describe the fishing equipment that the boatman used on the way to the lodge: an empty 1.5 litre water bottle and some nylon filament line. He had a lure of some sort and a 3 cm hook. He threw the line overboard, kept an arm extended to make sure it didn’t get wrapped up in the outboard motor’s propeller and occasionally reeled in by wrapping the line around the bottle. No fancy reel here. No fancy rod either. 

He didn’t catch anything and lost his lure. The hook was intact. 


Looking at the Masoala Peninsula, along one of the rivers that we needed to cross.


The snorkeling beach. There’s a lot of coral a few meters off the beach, which made snorkelling wonderfully accessible. It was wonderful how clean and empty this beach is, with a nice ring of trees to shade visitors from the hot sun.