Dec 21, 2019: Penultimate rainforest walk

By this time, a regular routine has set in. At 7:30 in the morning, we go for a walk in the rainforest, looking for lemurs. It’s exciting to see these wonderful creatures and astounding to see the variety. However, after the experience at the Palmarium where indri woke us up too early in the morning by calling just outside of our bungalow, looking for them in their natural habitat was less inviting.  

Nonetheless both of us went for a forest walk in the NGO-managed Mitsunjo forest. It was open the opposite side of the road from the park. 

It wasn’t a great walk. We’d seen most species of lemur at one place or another and our guide didn’t understand our lack of enthusiasm. Anita still wasn’t feeling very strong — tummy troubles and lack of food. With lack of grace, Patrice led us back to the road early and bid us adieu. 

By the evening, she was feeling better so Anita came on the night walk. We opted for the community-run VOIMMA forest instead of the roadside. Again, we saw Goodman’s mouse lemurs, much closer than on the side-of-the-Road walk. It was also less crowded. We were the only tourists in the area at the time. Much more pleasant and rewarding than the road walk.

Goodman’s lemur trying to escape the light.