Dec. 22, 2019: Last day in the rainforest

It’s time for a change. So we changed our guide, and which forest we walked in today. We opted for the community-run VOIMMA forest. Community-run means a protected area outside of the national park system, when community members take care of habitat preservation as well as trail development.

Like in many countries throughout the world, habitat degradation is widespread. Flora and fauna of note exist in areas protected by the government or the people.

We’d visited the VOIMMA forest before, for a night walk, and noticed the superior path. There were railings on the stairs, and more stone paths than in other parks. It also seemed like a second-growth forest, with a lower canopy. Nonetheless, it has many plants and animals, like nearby national parks.

We saw other tourists in this forest, most notably another mother-daughter team. The second time we crossed their path, the mother discretely whispered to me “How’s it going?” and I conspiratorily whispered a similar reply.

We were as successful seeing lemurs here as we were in other places, though I can no longer remember which they were. Regardless, the feelings of awe and wonder were as great each time.

After this walk, it was time to return to Tana (the capital, Antananarivo).


The VOIMMA community-run forest, near Andasibe.