Dec 25, 2019: A restful Christmas

The wifi in this hotel was good enough to watch Netflix, as long as we accepted that it would fail a couple of times during a 30 minute show. That was all right. We didn’t have anything else to do, and our room had both fans and air conditioning. Luxury. 

They put on a barbecue for Christmas dinner, so we spent some time checking out the options in other hotels along the beach. We learned that this hotel — the Laguna Beach — had the best menu for our festive meal. A lot of meat, and some vegetables. And much to our surprise the manager of the Relais de Kirindy was there too. The two properties are owned by the same person, and the manager of the Laguna Beach invited her to join him. She didn’t understand that the invitation was to work Christmas dinner. She was too gracious to refuse. 

The hotel was fairly full, with a lot of families enjoying the pool. Again, there seemed to be many Asian guests, both from India and China.


Christmas at the Laguna Beach Hotel, Morondava, Madagascar (please excuse my wonky horizon. The improved image did not import into this page.)