Dec 8, 2019: Rainy day at the beach

Our hotel, the Belvedere, has a blue and white theme. The mosquito nets are weighted with blue ribbon on the bottom. The breakfast dishes are trimmed in blue, on blue placemats. The cutlery matches. It’s trim and pleasant.

We were scheduled for a snorkeling expedition but the wind was blowing and the rain was falling. Not good conditions to be in a small boat. 

So we took advantage of the strong internet and watched Netflix for much of the day. Anita and I both finished the book that she bought at the Seattle airport, so she combed thru the hotels collection and traded for a different one. 

For lunch, we were the only guests at Cafe Loulou on the beach. We had seen a sign for The Sunday buffet, but we were an hour early. We tried the Duo des Choux and found the red and green cabbage salad to be so pleasant that we ordered a second. 

For dinner, we tried Chez Nono. It was about a ten minute walk along the road, on the non-beach side. We checked before we left and it appeared to be open. However, we were too early for service and were shown a table on the outside edge. 

Restaurants on Nosy Be write the menu on a chalk sandwich board, and move the board as guests come. 

We managed to explain dairy free and gluten free, and they agreed to make Anita a hamburger without a bun. Mine came as two sliders. Cute as cute can be. 

The most memorable part of dinner, however, was the power. The electricity went out three times during dinner and the candles they brought didn’t withstand the erratic breeze. I popped my small turtle light into the mouth of my water bottle, and we enjoyed steady, consistent light. 

The restaurant was adjoining a family home, and the six year old boy came out with a construction paper Santa head with a photo of his face on it. There was a modest beard made out of cotton batten. He was proud of that. 

His four year old sister was wearing a tulle tutu over her T-shirts and wanted nothing more than to look at us. Her mother put her in the house at least four times. 

We walked back in the rain, encountering no cars along the way. 


The view from our patio, in the rain.