Dec 17, 2019: Lemurs on our balcony

We started our morning with a delightful fruit plate. The food at the Palmarium is good, as is the service. At dinner, the waiter took heed of our discussion on food restrictions and opted against the legumes au gratin and gave Anita a salad instead. The gratin had wheat in it after all and she had previously told him of her skepticism. 

We opted not to go on the guided walk; instead mid morning we took to the trails on our own. We were told there are sign posts, yet saw only one (village people) before coming into the clearing with a pineapple field. All the lemurs we saw were in or very near the built-up areas. Most were near the staff quarters. 

Another popular spot was by our bungalow. We had the last one in a row, farthest away from the dining area. More than once, we saw a guide bringing other guests to our area seeking some tiny neighbours.

There were some crowned lemurs — already small — with the tiniest baby imaginable. It was tucked into the hip joint of its mother, who wasn’t too thrilled with our attention. Later we saw some boisterous black and white ones. Two had figured out their play. They didn’t welcome the addition of a third slightly smaller lemur of the same species. 

While on our walk, we heard thunder in the distance. The air was moving in a noticeable warm breeze.  After lunch, it was a storm with wind and rain. We stayed inside, Anita with her book and me with my audiobook. 

When we ordered our dinner, it was pouring and we reclaimed the umbrella assigned to our room. An hour later, our clothes were still wet and the umbrella was useful for the walk back to our bungalow. After dinner, the sky was mostly clear, with stars peaking out. 

This is a great place to have an inside day. 




Photos from our balcony at the Palmarium.