Our first roller slide!

On every trip, there’s always something that I look forward to more than anything else. For the Japan leg of this trip, it was roller slides in Japanese playgrounds. A roller slide does not have a continuous metal or plastic sliding surface. It has rollers, like you find on a conveyor belt.

On the drive from Iwakuni, where we got off the bullet train, to Suooshima, the island where our friends live, we spotted the recently built Atagoyama Future Park, with its brightly coloured climbing structures.

The owl had so many layers. The rope net section had a few cocoons dropping down.

The middle layer was a bouncy ellipse. There was another rope net layer, and then a final set of stairs to get to the start of the long spiral roller slide. For the wee ones, there is a small roller slide. From what we could see, it just whet the appetite for grander slides.

Fun. That’s the best word to describe this park.