Mountains and monkeys

There are guided trips up Gunung Rays at dusk to see the hornbills (birds). We chose to go on our own, during the day.

The road up was about 12 kilometres of switchbacks, straight stretches, stray dogs and occasional monkeys. There are a lot of monkeys on Langkawi roadsides, particularly where the lush forest lines the road. Along the road to the SkyCab, there was a stretch where there were always monkeys. Unfortunately there was a lot of garbage. All too often, there were also tourists either feeding the monkeys or trying to take pictures of them.

On the way up Gunung Raya (Mount Raya), we also saw dogs, probably stray dogs. They often lolled on the road, lying on their sides. Getting up for passing cars was not something they bothered to do. Usually, we’d see dogs in pairs. On the road up the mountain, there was one set of about eight dogs that did not move as the car went past.