Sky Cab and Night Market

Langkawi boasts Malaysia’s steepest cable ride, the Sky Cab. It takes tourists 950 meters, up to a series of vistas.

It was built in 2002 to 2004, and is quite remarkable. It’s windy at the top, and that doesn’t stop anyone from enjoying themselves or the views.

There was a signpost, with distances to other gondolas in other parts of the world. Grouse Mountain was included. The ski hills in Whistler and the Rockies were not. For Switzerland, they included Grindelwald.

Ten years after opening the SkyCab, they added the Sky Bridge, a walkway supported by a single pylon. Most YouTube videos show it swaying in a blustery wind. I chose to not go on; Anita enjoyed it and said it wasn’t bad.

After a late lunch and exploring the shops at the SkyCab base, we returned to our bungalow for a swim. We weren’t as hot or as sticky as on our travel day. Still, it was refreshing to play in the pool. Then it was time to head out to the night market. It sets up in a different part of the Island each day, and this day it was close enough for us to walk.

It was popular, both with the locals and the visitors. There were satays galore, big woks of rice, lots of food that was a mystery to us, as well as some familiar things. I had corn on the cob, and we shared a bowl of jello with fresh strawberries, grapes, apples and cubed mango. Anita also had a cob of corn and some fried rice. Dinner for 21 Ringat, or about Cdn$7. Yum.