High ropes and hives

First, I do not have hives. I wanted a title with alliteration. I have a lot of mosquito bites that are itchy. When Anita went to the high ropes course near the SkyCab, I went to Kuah to see if a pharmacist could recommend a cream for the itchiness.

Our bungalow is beside a field of standing water. There are mosquito nets, though mine do not encircle the bed. I’ve got bits. Lots and lots of bites. Anita’s bed has an effective mosquito net. She’s barely afflicted.

I didn’t want to do the high ropes course, nor did I want to climb the 375 steps to the top of the waterfall. We thought we could go to the bottom. We couldn’t.

While we were waiting for Anita’s start time, we went to a secluded nearby beach. We haven’t explored the beaches, and this one provided a chance to get close to the water.

while Anita was on the high ropes course, I went to Kuah to see if a pharmacist could recommend something. Kuah is the largest town on Langkawi. Like many towns in Southeast Asia, its Main Street has a mixture of strip malls and high rise hotels. I can’t comment on the housing, though the main road was a four land divided one. We’ve seen traffic lights near schools in many places here. In Kuah, the traffic lights controlled traffic.

When I rejoined Anita, we explored a bit of the north end of the island. There’s a large cement works near the Black Sand Beach, which some guidebooks say spoil the ambiance. I don’t agree, and am more inclined to think there isn’t much black sand on the beach. The best thing about that beach are the wooden swings at the tide line.