Tokyo Disneyland

Once again the gates opened before the published time. This meant we made it through security and the ticket gates with no wait. It also meant the priority entry ticket for the Beaty and the Beast ride were already gone for the first hour. That was all right. We chose to go between ten and eleven, and hustled our way to Winnie the Pooh.

This ride is unique to Tokyo Disney, and is trackless. We meandered through the 100 Acre Wood, spinning to see Pooh and his friends cope with a heavy windstorm. Then we spun around the woozles section, seeing all the scenes from Pooh’s dream. Several honeypots (cars) were in a chamber at any one time, each visiting each station in a different order. It was chaotic and fun.

The showcase Beauty and the Beast ride was also trackless, and its cars (soupbowls) also tipped from side to side. Hard to describe; wonderful to experience. In the Be Our Guest sequence, it felt like we were dancing.

Today was an ordinary day, unlike yesterday’s national holiday, though it felt like the number of people and demographics were about the same. We definitely saw more foreigners today, and noticed more toddlers.

I think the most remarkable thing was the way friends would dress alike, particularly their head gear. Mickey ears on a headband are popular, though not as popular as large plush hats of characters. We saw one group of nine all wearing Tigger hats.

They were likely warmer than us. There was a wind, and it was definitely colder than yesterday. I opted to wear my heavier sweater and raincoat. It cut the wind, and I wore mittens for most of the day. We might need hats tomorrow if the weather is the same, and I’ll wear my wool coat.

Workers have been extremely kind, adding to the magic. And magic is a big reason to visit Disneyland.