My Unexpected Friend

For some reason, no one told me prior to this trip that 7-Eleven would be my go-to store. Our relationship started in Japan. Normally, I go to an ATM at a bank to get money out. I always have more confidence that if the machine swallows my card or something happens, I can gain access to a credible and reliable person to help me. In Japan though, the only ATMs that worked were at 7-Eleven.

We started relying on 7-Eleven for snacks. When I needed some new cords for my phone and iPad, I found them at 7-Eleven.

We kept up the relationship in Malaysia, though we went back to bank ATMs. Often 7-Eleven snacks had ingredients in English. We could tell if there was dairy (I’m allergic) or wheat (Anita is celiac). 7-Eleven has been good to us on this trip.