Washuzan Highland

Washuzan Highland Amusement Park claims to have the world’s tallest sky cycle. It doesn’t claim to have the sky cycle in the best condition. It was actually a bit scary.

The park has three rollercoasters. Number One, which has a back and forth track with vertical climb and drop, was not working the day we visited. The pink roller coaster changed its cars at 12:30. In the morning, people ride seated and backwards. In the afternoon, they ride standing up. Anita said it was one of the most thrilling rides she’s been on.

Bingo was one of the highlights of our visit. We each got a bingo card when we entered the park, with notification that it started at 1. Everyone gathered by the stage and the covered rest area near the entrance. The entertainers got everyone moving with large muscle exercises. Then the main person would call out numbers. There was no obvious reason to call out any number, and, yes, they were called in Japanese. Every three or four minutes, the caller would say Riki and everyone stood up for another exercise session.

People who got a bingo went to the stage to choose their prize. Early winners would choose socks or a small towel. Late winners got a pencil.

The park is in the Kurashiki area, north of Hiroshima. We got off the bullet train in Okayama, and transferred to a limited express train. The town is a coastal one, and has a series of bridges connecting local islands. We thought the bridge lit up at night. After monitoring it, we believed it was nothing special.