Hats of 2021

When I want to make a quick something, I often make a hat. It’s a good project to learn how a new yarn knits up, to use up some leftover yarn, or to add polish to a baby blanket or sweater.

A double-knit baby blanket with matching hat.
Matching hats for Mom, Dad and Baby.
A Baby Cashmerino hat, soft and lightweight, for a grown-up friend.
Baby Hana outgrew her infant sized hat. This is her almost-one copy.
This is from a sock blank.
I ripped out a shawl to get this gorgeous green.
This big sister-little sister pair came from the same shawl.
I bought a mill end from Madelinetosh because I like the colour.
Because I forgot to change the needle size after the brim, I ended up with a slightly smaller hat and enough yarn to make a pair of fingerless mittens.
This is made using three Madelinetosh Unicorn Tails.
A week’s worth of hats.
Another Madelinetosh Unicorn Tail hat.