The Jewel of Singapore Airport

The Jewel is a relatively new addition to the Singapore Airport. The centrepiece is a six storey rain vortex, surrounded by terraced lush plants. Shops and restaurants line the perimeter. The inter-terminal rain shuttle runs through.

There’s a wide variety of activities on the top level. One structure is reminiscent of Chicago’s bean. Kids, including me and Anita, can climb up the yellow top side, and choose one of four slides to come down. The slides are pretty fast and lots of fun.

The activities come at various ticket levels. It’s free to look at the rain vortex and stroll by the shops. The lowest price of activities includes the slide, a topiary walk and the fog bowls. A higher priced option added a series of rope nets, including a trampoline area. There’s also a sky bridge. We picked the lowest price option, and we’re surprised to see the topiary were made of flowers, some real and some fake. Because our visit was just after Chinese New Year, many sported New Year’s decorations.

The foggy bowls were topped with astroturf, and fog was pumped out at regular intervals.

Construction of the Jewel started in December 2014, and opened in March 2019. It covers 2.5 hectares and has 1.45 million square feet.

The Jewel was a great introduction to Singapore. The city-state has some of the most remarkable architecture that I’ve seen, as well as stunning public art.