Singapore’s Fabric Alley

Since we made a pilgrimage to Nippon Fabric Town in Tokyo, it seemed fair to visit the fabric stalls of People’s Park in Singapore. There are more cottons, linens and lightweight fabrics than anything else. Understandable since Singapore is almost on the equator.

Most of the fabrics are on rolls rather than bolts.

Many of the stalls had Japanese cottons, at the same or cheaper prices than the stores we visited in Tokyo. However, the minimum cut was one meter.

I found one stall that had fat quarters, nicely packaged. After making my purchases, I found this collection of fat quarters. Regardless of the price, I was helped by a lovely woman in the first shop.

I didn’t figure out what the Big Sale was about. I wouldn’t have been around to collect winnings, so it probably wasn’t appropriate to enter.

We had a bit of a struggle finding the right part of People’s Park. The Golden Dragon was in the part that faced Eu Tong Sen Street, the road that we usually took. I think the fabric stalls were on the building that faced New Cross Street. Whichever building the fabric stalls were in, they were on the third floor. It was worthwhile to keep looking.