Miyajima is a town of shrines on a small island near Hiroshima. It’s most famous for its Tori gate that sits in the water.

There’s a tourist stroll along the water, with a lot of friendly deer. Well the deer are friendly as long as they are getting the attention and food that they want. We saw a persistent deer take someone’s paper shopping bag and refuse to let go when the purchaser tried to take it back. Other people were subjected to a gentle push on their butt when the object of the deer’s desire was not offered in a timely fashion.

There are a few pagodas and at least eight shrines. Most of the architecture along the tourist strip was traditional. I imagine when the trees are in blossom, the entire area must be magical.

Street food was abundant, with a focus on oysters. There are several oyster farms visible from the ferry to the island, so the shellfish are fresh. Anita got a bag of hot backed sweet potatoes, and I enjoyed some chicken karaage. Hana feasted on French fries. Eric and Kiyono enjoyed oystered prepared a variety of ways.

Overall, it was a relaxing place to visit in January. I imagine it will be crowded during Golden Week and during the autumn.