Riding in the Rain

Today we visited our sixth theme park — Skyworlds in Genting Highlands, just north of Kuala Lumpur. It’s still in its soft opening phase so that it can work out the kinks. One of the kinks was weather. Skyworlds is high up, and we spent the day either in the clouds or in the rain.

The rides are beautifully themed. The hang gliding coaster pictured above was in the Rio area, where everything is brightly covered and upbeat. In the Ice Age area (after the Ice Age films), even the cement floor has mastodon footprints.

My favourite ride was the Planet of the Apes. It is a trackless ride with 3D movies, and riders are on hovercraft trying to save the apes from the vigilantes who call themselves the Alphas and Omegas. At one point, a silverback gorilla gives the hovercraft a spin to help us escape. The second time through, there was a glitch, and we went down one of the San Francisco cable car roads twice. They couldn’t restart the ride, so a team came by with some portable steps and got us out of our hovercraft.

It was the second time we were midride when there was a problem. The other time was on the Night at the Museum ride. It’s like The Midway Mania ride in Disney properties, where rides “shoot” beams the things and earn points for each hit. The first time through Night at the Museum, we didn’t see any of the animations. The next time, it was in full shot ‘Em up mode.

I just looked up the opening date of Genting Skyworlds. Wikipedia says February 2022. The soft opening has been a long one.

We’ve had struggles today with the weather, and also transportation. In Malaysia, we’ve relied on Grab cars. Grab is a service similar to Uber or Lyft. Today, we couldn’t get a Grab car to take us up the hill or back down. We took the advice of one of the exit gate attendants and took the gondola half way down the hill. When we got to that station, there were no Grab cars and NO taxis. We walked the 5 km to the hotel, since google maps estimated that it would take less than an hour to walk and the taxi stand operator said it would be an hour before we could get a cab. Turns out it was 5 km, not 2. We made it, and we’re fine.