Singapore Gardens

It’s Feb. 1st today, and Chinese New Year decorations are starting to disappear. This one in the Gardens by the Bay Flower House stayed up during our visit, though others were coming down.

The Flower House has permanent exhibits around the perimeter, arranged by continent. I think these living stones were in the African section, on the way to the Baobabs.

My favourite sculpture was still in the Americas section.

In the seven storey Cloud House, there was a special exhibit featuring creatures from the Avatar movie. In my opinion, it didn’t add to the magic of the glass house.

Interesting cactus in the Cloud House was unexpected.

This Chihuli Glass looks very much like some that I saw in the Palm House in London’s Kew Gardens It works in Singapore as well.

Big and small plants are juxtaposed in the Cloud House.

We moved over to Canopy Walk in the Supertree Grove. The walkway between the man made trees is at 11 meters.

Looking straight down gave a unique view of some familiar palms.

We went to the top of 5he tallest supertree, for a great view of the Marina Sands Hotel.

Our next stop was the Orchid Garden on the Singapore Botanical Garden. The Orchid Garden is one kilometre from the garden gate, a less than ideal condition for two tired visitors.

On the way, we saw a monitor lizard in a mahogany tree. It was still there on our way out of the Gardens.

There were so so many beautiful orchids. It’s one of my favourite gardens that I’ve ever visited.