Singapore: First Full Day

I first saw the Park Royal Pickering on a Monty Don episode of Around the World in 80 Gardens. It’s lovely and lush, and I was delighted to be able to stay here. We’re on the 14th floor, and reach our wing along a plant lined walkway.

Our first stop on our drizzling first day was a gluten free bakery and deli. Anita enjoyed a waffle; I ate an avocado and chicken sandwich. Yum.

Then we walked over to the Merlion, where we noticed a miniature of the Singapore landmark fountain. We hung around for a while to see if the boat tour kiosk would open. It didn’t, and we explored the 7-11. These stores tend to be tiny in Singapore, and lack the staple ATMs of Japan. They seem to be 90 per cent freezers and coolers. I don’t remember seeing a slurpie machine. Cheers seems to be the most common convenience store.

Our next stop was Raffles for a Singapore Sling. Anita enjoyed a lime juice, which she thought could have been improved with some sugar. When I was in Singapore in 2016, the Long Bar was about to close for renovations. I was pleased to see the ceiling fans remained and the bar just got freshened up.

After dinner in a nearby building, we took one of the many raised walkways across the street and admired the decor for Chinese New Year at the gate to Chinatown. Downtown Singapore is car friendly, and very often the safest way to cross a street is along a mid-block walkway. They usually connect retail spaces at the base of office towers and have entrances both into the building and to the street. I’ve also noticed proximity to bus stops.